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Hinterlands is an accordion and violin duo playing original music ranging from contemplative to howling. Ben Russell and Matt Schreiber have been performing together for fifteen years in an evolving conversation between musical worlds. Seamlessly weaving together threads of vernacular music, improvisation, and songcraft, the duo draws from disparate influences to create a musical fabric that is entirely their own. Sometimes fiery, sometimes melancholy, Hinterlands leaves listeners feeling that they have journeyed through landscapes of shapes and sound. 


Outside of the duo, Ben has performed with Kronos Quartet, Max Richter, Björk, Sufjan Stevens, The National, and Johann Johannson. Matt has studied and performed Romani and Balkan music for almost two decades and is one of a handful of American accordionists helping the instrument move beyond a state of perpetual comeback.  

Wolftones at the Soundpost, Portland, ME, 2007. Photo by Somira Sao
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